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We have been helping accountants enhance client relationships and increase profitability for over 30 years. Our team of financial professionals coordinates individual and business planning for successful business owners and develops customized programs that readily integrate with accountants’ other business, tax and consulting services. Our commitment has always been to educate and serve the accounting community and their clients.


What We Do

Protect Beneficiaries

Leveraging all that life insurance makes possible is what we do best. The primary goal and objective or our firm is to always maximize opportunities while preserving a client’s wealth and passing on a legacy.  

Captive Insurance Companies

 The success of any business depends upon the effective and efficient use of capital. While a captive insurance company is commonly viewed as a disciplined way of retaining and financing risk, it can be a means to better growth and accessing corporate capital as well as implementing broader corporate strategies.  

Premium Financing

 Premium finance is a strategy used by wealthy individuals and business owners to finance premiums for large life insurance policies. The strategy allows affluent individuals who have a need for permanent life insurance to use an alternative method for paying the premiums.  

Preserve Wealth

 Protecting an IRA and other retirement financial vehicles is more manageable with the right guidance. NNA helps heirs avoid the double taxation issue upon a principal's death. Most importantly, the value of an IRA can be increased substantially by simply taking advantage of innovative and creative techniques 

Conservation Easements

 Conservation Easements offer taxpayers the ability to protect the beauty and future of the environment, while at the same time receiving a large tax benefit to do so. Under section 170(h) of the tax code, landowners can agree not to ever develop a piece of their land, thereby preserving its natural state by creating a permanent easement and transferring the easement to a qualified land trust.