The National Network of Accountants is immensely proud to have been selected by the State of Connecticut to be their exclusive partner is a groundbreaking outreach program for accounting firms in the state and their business clientele.  Branded Re-Imagining Insurance, NNA will be coordinating with the Connecticut Department of insurance to partner with a select group of accounting firms to help businesses in the state enhance the scope and efficiency of their risk management programs through the use of private captive insurance companies.  This educational outreach initiative is based upon Connecticut’s commitment to their state’s accounting community as the “trusted advisor” to most businesses and business owners.  By educating, training, and partnering with this select group of accounting firms in the use of captives, our goal is to help protect businesses and teach them how they can re-imagine the insurance possibilities available to them utilizing private captive insurance in conjunction with their commercial insurance programs. In addition, this program will focus on enhancing the economy in Connecticut and their goal to become one of the premier states of domicile for captive insurance companies.  Our almost three decades of working closely with and educating accountants across the country leaves us very well positioned to have a positive impact in helping the State of Connecticut, its business, and accounting firms better address the risk management issues they face in general and that are especially pressing during these challenging times.

Upcoming Webinars

Module #1

THE CAPTIVE GAME CHANGER.........May 27,2020

Featuring Guest Speaker Janet Grace, State of Connecticut Insurance Department

The initial “re-imagine insurance” training will begin with a one hour webinar presentation by the State of Connecticut. Through this presentation, it will become obvious of the enormous commitment the State of Connecticut is extending to help the business community manage their risk and protect their businesses.

Module #2

CLARITY......June 3, 2020

Featuring Guest Speaker: Patrick Flaherty, State of Connecticut Department of Labor

Captive insurance companies were created out of the needs for businesses to protect their enterprises from the multiple risk they face. This concept was supported by governmental needs to ensure businesses remained viable. The failure of a business is devastating on multiple economic levels. Module #2 clarifies the overall economic value captive insurance companies provide to all parties involved. This module has been designed by an economist and views the area of risk at a level that reflects it’s comprehensive economic value. In these times, this issue has never been more important. 

Module #3


Featuring Guest Speaker:  Christopher Jackson, Marcum LLP

This module will be presented by a leading educator in the field of taxation. It will focus on an in-depth review of tax and judicial issues surrounding Private Insurance Company issues. It is essential that any professional advising businesses in Captive Insurance arrangements, fully understands and maintains the historical background and utilizes their developed experience to understand what insurance is; the components that define insurance as well as what is required to pass scrutiny with tax and legal authorities. We will review and provide each accounting firm with the essential knowledge that is required when properly addressing the risk management needs for an operating business. It will discuss formation, compliance, and termination arrangements of each Captive Insurance company. Ownership issues, macro, micro, group and other relevant issues surrounding captive insurance issues will also be reviewed.

Module #4

PLUGGING THE GAP.....June 17, 2020

Featured Guest Speaker (To be announced)

This module will focus on how captive insurance programs can close the coverage gap which is prevalent in today’s risk management marketplace. Integrating commercial , self-insured and captive insurance is a very powerful and vital tool for middle market companies to expand and solidify their risk management programs. Carefully examining their uninsured and self insured risks, it can make a lot of sense to place those risks into a captive program, whether micro or macro. We will examine the use of captives to the benefit of corporations crafting coverage to reduce volatility to a level which is comfortable for the business owner. Claims adjudication, fronting companies, re-insurance, exclusions and exemptions will be discussed in detail. .

Module #5


Featured guest speaker: Michael Serrichio, March LLC 

This module will focus on integrating financial and risk management information within a middle market business. The use of a captive platform within a business promoting organizational-wide financial management issues will be reviewed. A key benefit that captives offer an organization is the acceleration of corporate objectives. No matter their structure or premium volume, all captives offer flexibility for their parent organizations’ stakeholders to access and protect capital, accelerate business unit objectives and protect human capital. This module will illustrate both sides of the captive coin showing it’s true value. The module will be presented by law firm and will help advisors access data which illustrates the importance of captives for successful businesses.