Seamus J. O’Brien, Chief Risk Management Officer

Seamus has spent the past 20 years as a trusted advisor to many closely held business owners.  He began his career as a pension plan design consultant helping business owners accrue substantial account balances within tax qualified retirement plans.  His practice quickly grew to include business succession as well as estate planning for these very same business owners.

In addition, Seamus has become an expert in the application of captive insurance companies for closely held businesses. He has become known in the industry as seasoned professional who understands the concept broadly and helps design and implement captives that allow business owners to assert greater control over their risks as well as recapturing the underwriting profits they were previously losing to commercial carriers. He is adept at seamlessly integrating the business, captive, and personal estate plan of his clients who are generally business owners with significant net worth.

Finally, Seamus is keenly aware that many closely held businesses have challenges as it applies to their group health insurance planning. Since many are not large enough to self-insure, he has become well acquainted with utilizing Professional Employer Organizations (PEOs) as a solid option for benefits and cost control.  This allows Seamus to design Fortune 100 level benefit plans that owners and employees of small closely held businesses can enjoy.